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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Euro zone jobless rate hits record high

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Euro zone jobless rate hits record high
Globe and Mail
Martin van Vliet, economist with ING Financial markets, said “with more fiscal austerity in the pipeline, the debt crisis still unresolved, and unemployment rising...consumers and hence businesses still have plenty to worry about. Moreover, despite the ...

Globe and Mail

Chicago Tribune
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is likely to be named the next chairman of euro zone finance ministers in January, taking over a key role in managing the bloc'sdebt crisis, officials said on Tuesday. The Eurogroup of ...

Berlusconi's political resurgence sparks worries in euro zone
Globe and Mail
Silvio Berlusconi is using a new alliance with the Northern League party to revive his electoral muscle, raising the threat of a hung parliament and fresh financial turmoil in the euro zone. Italy's late February election is shaping up to be the most ...

Globe and Mail

Unemployment Climbs in Euro Zone
New York Times
Germany has provided necessary momentum to Europe's overall economy throughout the past three years, proving resilient to the crisis plaguing the common currency, largely due to the strength of its exports. But on Tuesday, the Federal Statistics Office ...

Forex News: Euro-Zone Retail Sales Improve for the First Time in Four Months
The Euro-zone has been suffering from the Euro-debt crisis, and the ECB recently forecasted that the area's economy will only stabilize well into 2013. News of an improving Euro-zone economy would be Euro positive. However, the Euro did not react ...


Euro zone unemployment hits record high - The Globe and Mail
Optimism that the euro zone is beginning to recover from a deep banking and public debt crisis was tempered by data from the EU's statistics office Eurostat ...

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